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OpenSocial is Getting Better

Some folks will recall back in November I wrote how OpenSocial was irrelevant as a platform for social networking applications. I’ve been working with it for the last three days on MySpace and have to say, over the last few … Continue reading

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Ultra High-End Audio – Another cool toy

 With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, the absurd continues on. I mentioned the Willies Jeep a couple of posts back and saw this one on Crave just the other day. Kharma brings us an audio system 99.999% of people can’t afford. Perhaps I am wrong, are … Continue reading

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Why OpenSocial doesn’t matter – yet.

OpenSocial, is a new open standard for applications to integrate with some of the largest social networks in the world. On the surface, OpenSocial is a great move forward for application developers. The learning curve for FBML and FQL at … Continue reading

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