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Wii Are Back!

UPS just dropped off our Nintendo Wii. Happy to say it appears fully functional once again – now where can I hid this thing so Xavier can’t get to it?

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So Long Wii… See You Soon

Two weeks ago Xavier decided that he could double his fun by inserting an extra disk into the Nintendo Wii – in effect doubling his fun right? Well, it turns out that the slot load drive isn’t a big fan … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

photo:2054238869 We’re in West Dundee, IL with Patty for the holiday this year. The kids started the day with a little time playing Nintendo while Patty and Gretchen make lunch. The Turkey is over at our old house cooking away so … Continue reading

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Mario & Luigi

Oskar and Xavier have selected their Halloween costumes. Mario and Luigi from Super Mario brothers. Since Luigi is a little taller (and a little thinner) Oskar will be Luigi and Xavier will be Mario. Oskar has also decided that I’ll … Continue reading

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Random Update

Okay so it’s been a while. Since the last update, the boys have graduated college, gotten married and we are grandparents. Okay, so it’s not that long, but Oskar is 5 now. Xavier walks like you wouldn’t believe and Oskar … Continue reading

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