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Last night we had another bat visitor; this is our third bat of the year. Ironically, Folwell had one as well yesterday. Our other two bats were quickly caught (sort of) and released. This one proved more difficult and moved … Continue reading

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Buy Our House!

I finally got around to getting the Chicagoland house website up. It’s also in the MLS listing database, but we’re hoping this additional coverage will help. We also lowered the price, effective tomorrow.

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Gretchen Bakes: Part 2

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Winter’s Here!

photo:2041085700 We’ve had two days in a row now that we’ve been able to see snow falling! Certainly not enough to do much interesting in, but still snow. Gretchen, Oskar and Xavier have been battling colds over the last week, … Continue reading

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Tomorrow I leave for Memphis leaving Gretchen behind for the fest since we’ve known each other! Oskar and Xavier got haircuts yesterday and Honesty Box for Facebook has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks. The kitchen here at the house is still under … Continue reading

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Garage Insulation Project

Well, work has started on the garage and is progressing quickly. Drywall and insulation is hung on the exposed wall studs, now only the doors remain and Xavier’s room will be warm for that next 0 degree night! It has … Continue reading

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