Kid and Family Photos

The best way to see photos of the boys are directly on Flickr. These links take you directly there, but there are a few tips and tricks that might make it easier.

Flickr groups their photos by sets, collections and alternately by tags. It’s up to me as I upload them to get that information right – sometimes I’m more efficient than others.

To see all of our most recent photos, you can visit our “photostream“, the photos are reverse chronological of the order I uploaded them (which is roughly accurate to the date the photo was taken.)

Photos are tagged (mostly) with the subject matter. You can see a nice tag cloud of all the tags I’ve used on Flickr to search for specific photos.

To see pictures that have Oskar in them, go here.

To see pictures that have Xavier in them, go here.

To see pictures that have Gretchen in them, go here.

To see pictures that have Egg in them, go here.

Sometimes I create sets of photos grouped around a specific event or topic, you can see all the sets we have here. These are also reverse chronological.

And for those of you who are impatient, here are some photos tagged with us in them right here on our site that you can of course look through.


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