Walking in High Heels

Ever wonder what Egg would look like in High Heels? You will find out soon enough! I’m trying to raise $1,500 in donations.


Each year there are 207,754 victims of sexual assult. I’m doing my part to help reduce that number locally by walking a mile in her shoes!

If you donate $50 or more, I’ll add your name, photo or message (if desired) to a custom shirt I’m making to wear during the walk. To be on the shirt, I’ll need your donation & message by June 10th. Keep in mind this is a family event when choosing your messaging…

All funds will be donated to Women’s Shelter – the fees for the fundraising platform FundRazr, t-shirt and suplemental podiatrist care will be covered by me.

If you’d rather give me money directly, you can send checks, savings bonds, stock certificates (preferably 10 year old shares in APPL) to the house and we’ll get them donated for you.

Learn more about the shelter here:

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yep, egg, that's me!
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