Early Morning in Rochester

Rochester Skyline at Dawn

I headed out to take some photos of Rochester’s Skyline at sunrise yesterday. It turned out to be overcast, but in the end it didn’t matter all that much. While this wasn’t the photo I was envisioning I did capture the skyline fairly well using two long exposures with a 50mm lens and a really tight aperture. The tight aperture required a long exposure but gives the star effect on the lights. The small aperture also gives a really deep in-focus range. The resulting image actually has a lot of details which are hard to see at this resolution but are in the full size one. There are antennae on the tops of buildings, stones on the shore, branches on the trees, details in the arches of the Plummer building and more! This was definitely an improvement over my first skyline shot of Rochester but I still want to improve it.

I also grabbed a few images of the local goose population at Sliver Lake Park. The camera had hard time metering the exposure correctly and the resulting shots needed much more manipulation. It was really fun to be so close to the geese while they paddled around in the stream. They didn’t like me around but generally ignored me. Hoping next time to be better prepared to get some action shots of them – it was simply too dark to be able to capture motion.


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