Rackspace – Ha!

Rackspace Logo Rackspace, the less than fantastic, albeit fanatical, web hosting provider is trying to buy support. They have had an incredibly bad last few months. Recently a major datacenter outage in November took many customers offline. Additionally, very public technology failures for sites like 37signals and Tumblr are causing a mass exodus. I’ve never hosted anything there myself, but nishnash.com was hosted there while I worked on it and so I still have an account linked to their customer portal. Generally, Rackspace’s prices are high for the service rendered (a recent proposal had them 30-40% more than comparable hosting providers).

There are a number of reasons why we ultimately didn’t choose them for HonestyBox when leaving ThePlanet. However, high up on our list were costs, responsiveness and recommendations against them from their existing customers (who were planning to leave themselves). When we decided to go with a different provider our salesman very abruptly wished us “good luck” and ceased all communication. A word to the wise – steer clear of them – what once was the most reliable and dependable hosting provider in this segment has become toxic.

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