Rochester Homebrew Shop

Photo by: Steffe, courtesy of Flickr I’m finding my way around Rochester! I found a homebrew shop the other day and the boys went with me this morning to check it out. The Von Klopp Brew Shop sells beer and wine making supplies! Since the nearest brewpub I’ve been able to locate is around 30 minutes away, next year I just might dust off some of my old recipes and try them out again – perhaps even try a few new ones like those found in Zymurgy, the official publication of the American Homebrewers Association.

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3 Responses to Rochester Homebrew Shop

  1. ryan says:

    FYI, Mantorville brewing is only a small brewery and not a brewpub. Wellington’s is fairly decent though.

  2. egg says:

    Thanks for the tip Ryan! So it’s even further to a brew pub!

  3. Tod Fyten says:


    though this is a old post, you can always stop in for a brew on Sat (call first) for a tour and a sample or two and head over to the Hubble House for some great food.


    Tod Fyten
    President & Brewer
    Mantorville Brewing Company, LLC