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Hello, welcome to Cyoses Realm. Here I post updates on mod progress, random trivia, games, and more!.

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Mod progress 5%

I should have a demo of my bacteria mod out in a couple of weeks and then faster progress from there out. heres a list of the components.

Done Bacteria Mod


2.craft wooden dissector 3.use wooden dissector 4.craft stone dissector 5.use stone dissector 6.craft iron dissector 7.use iron dissector 8.craft gold dissector 9.use gold dissector 10.craft diamond dissector 11.use diamond dissector 12.cellmembrain 13.flagella dna 15 green nucleus 16.craft green bacteria 17. craft test tube 18. craft microscope 19. microscope 20. microscope interface

These are some games that are pretty fun!


Not yet working sorry

Learn To Fly 2

You are a penguin who while recovering from your last flight attempt, tries to send a dummy flying.

WARNING not really a blog, more of just random posts.

Real Sea Serpents

Sea serpents are huge mythical beasts that are brightly colored snake like fish. Story’s tell of them attacking and capsizing ships or of there great speed in the water. Some of this is actually real. Huge fish called oarfish can grow up to fifty feet long. To add to that they have bright blue body’s and a blood red crest running down their backs. This odd appearance probably led to most myths of sea serpents however the story’s of attacks on ships couldn’t have been the oarfish. The most likely explanation for those attacks is a giant squid, but how could a giant squid be mistaken for a serpent? Maybe sea serpents are out there maybe it’s these creatures, who knows.

Info from:Wierd'n'Wild

Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone! To celebrate I have a bunch of random trivia bits! First, the original color associated with Saint Patrick's day was blue. Blue was picked because Dark green was already taken. Number two, they dye the Chicago River green, this whole river is dyed green! It takes nearly two full days to have this river looking like paint. Another thing is that a shamrock is actually a three leaved plant that has little white flowers. The idea that it is four leafed is just myth. About four leaf clovers some interesting records have been set. One is when Shigeo Obara found a 18 leaf clover! The other record is when Ed Martin found over one thousand four leaf clovers in one day! Talk about lucky! Thats all the triva I've got so have a great Saint Patrick's Day!

Info from:Tween Us, Real Simple